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Last Update: 09 Jan 2017
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SuperMap iDesktop 7C is a powerful 2D & 3D integrated desktop GIS platform with essential GIS functionalities that include data processing, map creation and spatial data analysis in 2D and 3D. iDesktop is also able to access online maps from 3rd party services, web service publishing and quick .NET framework application customization.  iDesktop comes in two different versions- Standard and Professional to ensure the right fit for your company.

SuperMap iServer 7C is a cloud server based cross-platform GIS that can publish 2D & 3D data, manage web services, aggregate multi-source services and provide multi-level extension development capability. It comes in Basic, Professional and Advanced Editions and uses service-oriented architecture for geospatial information sharing which applies to public or private clouds.

SuperMap iMobile 7C is a professional mobile GIS development platform.  It supports the development of online and offline mobile GIS applications on Android and iOS smart devices.

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SuperMap iDesktop (Eng)
SuperMap iDesktop (BM)
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SuperMap iServer (Eng)
SuperMap iServer (BM)
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SuperMap iMobile (Eng)
SuperMap iMobile (BM)


SuperMap GIS

SuperMap GIS is an enterprise solution complete with desktop, server, mobile and cloud solutions for geospatial data production, processing and management developed by SuperMap Software Co. Ltd.  It is widely used in China and has gained popularity in countries such as Japan, Korea, South Africa, and India.

Download Brochure:

SuperMap GIS 7C (Eng)
SuperMap GIS 7C (BM)

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