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Last Update: 28 Aug 2017
Version 6.0.9
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Installation Guide


Users are able to download and install the product packages from SuperMap official website with few simple steps.
Both product packages in 32-bit and 64-bit are available.  Workstation with 64-bit may use 64-bit installer as well as 32-bit installer,  yet for 32-bit workstation can only installed with 32-bit installer.  Both installation steps are the same, and in our installation guide below was using 32-bit installer as an example.


Users are able to download and install the product packages from the SuperMap official website in a few simple steps.

Both product packages are available in 32-bit and 64-bit.  64-bit workstations can use either the 64-bit installer or the 32-bit installer, while 32-bit workstations can only use the 32-bit installer.  Installation steps for both are the same. The installation guide below uses the 32-bit installer as an example. 



Basic Steps

  1. Double click on the installer, a pop-up dialog box for installation will appear on the screen.  You may proceed with installation once you agree to the license agreement.

  2. Figure: SuperMap iDesktop 7C 32-bit Online Installation

  3. Click on the "Customization" link in the right bottom corner, a new dialog box will appear to allow you to specify the directory for installation and to specify which item(s) to include in the installation package. You must select the Base Package, other items are optional. 


    • Base Package: Application includes Bin folder, configuration folder, resources folder, and tool for environment variables registration.  The base package must be included.

    • Online Help: The help documentation provides a detailed illustration of the product and includes the extension development guide, API interface specifications, plug-in management guide, technical documentation, etc.

    • Sample Codes: Project samples of extension development are provided to assist developers  more easily develop their own applications.

    • Frame Data: Default framework data that will be loaded into a scene, including global image data, global terrain data and global vector data.

    • Sample Data: Sample data used for demonstrations. This includes World map data, 3D data, China map data, and nautical chart data.

    • Tools: Third party application installers including Microsoft Visual C++ 2012 Redistribute, Microsoft .NET Framework 4 (independent installation program) and Windows image processing components.

    • Others: Documentation including Readme, Installation Guide and What is SuperMap iDesktop 7C. 

  6. Click the "Install" button to proceed with installation. 


  8. Development environment registration will be performed automatically during installation.


  10. After successful installation, click the "Close" button to quit. 

Contact Us for a trial version of iDesktop 7.1.2

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The SuperMap iServer 8C installer comes packed in a zip file.  It is ready to use upon file extraction.  

Contact Us for trial version iServer 8C.
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SuperMap iMobile for Android is a development package that includes a Dynamic library for development, Help, Samples, etc.

  • libs:  SuperMap iMobile API package includes kernel dynamic library and package API jar.

  • SampleCode: The source code of SuperMap iMobile for Android.

  • SampleCode_apk:  .apk files in the SampleCode_apk folder are generated from the applications in the SampleCode folder.

  • SampleData:  The sample data can be used by sample code.

  • SuperMap iMobile for Android Guide.pdf:  This is the Getting Started with SuperMap iMobile 7C for Android guide.

  • Readme.htm:  This document covers all the new features, improvements and enhancements in the current version.

  • SuperMap iMobile for Android.chm:  This is the help documentation.

  • What is new.htm:  It is an update for SuperMap iMobile API.

Deployment for Java Environment


  1. Download and install Java Development Kit 1.6 from the official website:

  2. Go to system environment variables to extend the path at bin for JDK.  Right click Computer -> Properties ->Advanced system settings -> Environment Variables.

  3. Look for the path variable in the System Variables section, add the bin path of JDK to the path variable.  Next, click the OK button.  (Default bin path of JDK: C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.6._38\bin)

  4. Add the bin path of jre to User Variable as in the screen below.  Click the New button under User Variable for the New User Variable dialog box.  Add the variable name and variable value in the settings as shown in the screen below.  Then, confirm with the OK button.  (Default bin path of jre is: C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\bin) 

Installation of Integrated Development Environment



  1. Download ADT Bundle for Windows from 

  2. In order to configure the Android environment, extract the  The directory structure is as shown below:

    Open the eclipse.

    Right click Window ->Preferences to enter the following interface:

    Select Android and click Browse... for the next screen.


  4. Download the required sdk version.  Run SDK Manager.exe under  adt-bundle-windows-x86, or click the download icon in the eclipse.  Click Android and Browse...for the following screen.

Select the required SDK version and Click Install packages...then Accept License.  Lastly, click Install for installation process.

Note:  The minimum supported version is SuperMap iMobile Android 2.3.3 (API 10).  For lower version, please contact SuperMap for support.

Select the required SDK version and click Install 'n' package...then Accept License.  Lastly, click Install for the installation process.

Note:  The minimum supported version is SuperMap iMobile Android 2.3.3 (API 10).  For lower versions, please contact SuperMap for support.

Contact Us for a trial version of iMobile iOS 7.0 & iMobile Android 7.0 

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